What does a basic dental exam entail?

During your regular check-up you should expect your dentist to:

  • Check all tooth surfaces for tooth decay
  • Check all gums, teeth and bones for any evidence of periodontal disease
  • Check all or your existing restorations (crowns, fillings, etc)
  • Screen your gums, tissues, throat, lips, neck and face for signs of oral cancer

What goes into a professional dental cleaning?

  • Removing plaque – that sticky film made of bacteria, food and saliva that covers your teeth producing toxins and inflaming gums, which could lead to periodontal disease
  • Removing tartar – also called calculus, this hardened plaque is so hard and firmly attached to your tooth it can only be removed with professional grade dental instruments
  • Polishing teeth – to remove plaques and stains that regular brushing just can’t handle

All these crucial tasks (called dental prophylaxis) are usually performed by one of our dentists.